“Epiphanies are expensive.”- Julius (Coined from Everybody hates Chris)


How have I been?

Alive…in so many excitingly strange and new ways!
I can blog again? Wow…it’s a miracle!, I almost died you know…I forgot all about blogging😮😂
I found my best colour in the strangest places, I tell you…I saw a turquoise trailer, a turquoise roof, a turquoise stapler and a turquoise taxi💃😃 “Good times, good times I say!”


I have never been so in touch with my stomach😮 we were communicating I tell you…it spoke to me in its language. I experienced its tantrums- throwing up! I placated it, spoke to it, sang et al…”It was crazy being in touch with my stomach.”
The Struggle:
No thanks! I rather live, no more timelines please. You see these dreams in timelines have made me think too much…as much as I love them when they are achieved, the serious process is part of the reason I almost lost my mind.
“Those that struggle through life, don’t actually live.”
I laid down these few days and realised that if I could live a year again…2012 baby! I loved that year…the moments, the people I met…the experiences. The whole mixture I guess made it worthwhile…”Who would have thought?”


You don’t say! Some more terrible manifestations of the disease. Apparently it doesn’t cause headaches all the time, it gets to manifest sometimes through stomach pains, vomiting and serious body weakness. Some terrible symptoms, especially for females! 😦
Games and tablets:
I found all my games that I couldn’t remember the last time I played them…you see they helped me through all those tablet swallowing days*hehe*


“In my world, epiphanies are realisations…no extra definition needed.”

All these reminiscences and epiphanies lead me to this point of sharing health tips at the top of my head 😀
Was searching the Internet at some point*whew*…but you see in this recovery phase, the simple truths for keeping healthy come naturally. So, I know categorically that you we should:
– Eat fruits regularly
– Drink a lot of water
– Eat vegetables in healthy soups 🙂 and food generally
– keep clothes clean and sanitised
– Sleep well…I know you have to work around the clock et al…but trust me you are not a machine.
– Laugh and live…it helps you body system in some very lively way.
– Be lazy for a while in order to unwind…it helps for serious system balance.
– Malaria is evil 😮 Kill mosquitoes…I say, I say…Kill some more mosquitoes!


I bring to you at this point…
Lessons of my life from my indisposed days:
When you are sick you get to rest but in a terrible way! 😦
Learn to live step by step…all I can do per time is all I can do, and that’s just perfect 🙂
To overcome stress…chose one thought per time. Yes o…no ‘multi-stressing’ in the name of thinking anymore! 😐
Some people say those that laugh a lot are either insecure or overconfident *hehe*…in my world, there is no judgment attached to learning to laugh!
Learn to forgive and forget by giving especially to those that in quote caused the offence…strange therapy man!


Have Faith and fight for the divine health and life God has given you. #Col.2:14-15 and more 😀
Learn to love your family much more and be grateful to those who are there in the low times…especially those you never imagined will be there.
This quote has lessons written in between its punctuations:
“Dream. Give. Live.”
I would add love to that 🙂 Learn to love in simple ways…people, life, places, experiences and the moments.

Final Lesson:
Serve God in sincerity and in truth. They say in a funny way…that everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die. I guess it by reason of an uncertainty of the ‘where- Heaven or hell’.
You see we need to be as sure as Paul was…he was so sure about his end and of the fact that he was going to Heaven to see God Almighty. Second Timothy 4:6-8
This is the Prayer I pray for everyone reading this and beyond.


Reminder: Kill mosquitoes! 🙂

Final Epiphany: This write-up is long though…hehe

Blessing Okoro

12 thoughts on “REALIZATIONS!

  1. queen says:

    L̳̿Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇L̳̿ “kill mosquitoes, kill more mosquitoes” this write up is amazing and it brings out fun and beauty in pain. Go bff!


  2. Fredrick says:

    Lovely writeup *CU hugs*
    bee i was expecting to see “Exercise” in ur health tips tho. how many mosquitioes can u kill? Lol. in as much as you reside in this part of the world-which is a “mal”area,one is prone to hav need a turquoise mosquito net(weird)
    I know u can laugh for Africa.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:

      Haha…nice one. I’m watching you in 4D…I ve lost all d weight, no need for exercise I tell you*haha* Yes o…turquoise mosquito net*dancing* Oh well…as long as you volunteer to be the coach…we shall add exercise to the list:) Bless you*Cu hugs*


  3. Light Ministry Blog says:

    Bless you for bring God into your post ideas…He certainly will help us through all challenges. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

    God love and keep you!
    Steve 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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