“Leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organisational effectiveness.”
– John C. Maxwell.


The wireless finally got active *dancing*. On this day, blessingshares is back in her book reviews department! *clapping*.
We have a potent review lined up for you people…starting now! The potent leadership Coach, Author, Pastor, Mentor et al, is in the house with this awesome book title- ‘Leadership 101’.
I love this book to bits…it is a simple and quick read, and definitely very informative and impactful.

We start with- The levels of Leadership:
According to John C. Maxwell, there are five levels of leadership. Taking them in a ‘countdown’ order, we have:

5. Personhood- Respect
4. People Development- Reproduction
3. Production- Results
2. Permission- Relationships
1. Position- Rights

This evening, we are outlining the ‘Position’ level of leadership!

What do I need to know about this level?
We bring the answers in 7 (seven) bullet points:


1. Level 1- Position/ Rights.

-Know your job description thoroughly.
-Be aware of the history of the organisation.
-Be a team player: relate organisation’s history to the people of the organisation.
-Accept responsibility.
-Do your job with consistent excellence.
-Do more than expected.
-Offer creative ideas for change and improvement.

Moral of review:
Take all these with you and watch yourself move up the leadership ladder in all your endeavours.
Have a great week leading!


Blessing Okoro

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    • oyide says:

      Great! We have been away for a while now…thank you for dropping by. Subsequent posts will definitely be communicated to you great mind. Enjoy the leadership ride!


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