Back to the future!


I have a confession to make. “I am living my future even though I am in the present.”

It is incredible. Living the best days of my life. Finding joy in life’s simple moments. Having foresight for all engagements. Enjoying my purpose-driven life everyday. I do not remember the last time the plans for certain phases of my life were not in the pipeline, and their achievements always brighten up my life no matter the obstacles.

Sometimes, I know exactly the jobs to engage in at various stages, I see exactly my relational network, I envision precisely what my legacy is, I can state clearly what would last and what will go.

Oh! did I mention how I was born into the future? There came a season when I was not certain how my life was meant to be lived…so I took time out to receive instructions and search out my purpose in life.

Just because you are a youth, does not mean you should not take time out to envision where you would end up in your latter years.

Purposeful living…this is my present conclusion of the future!

Living a life of Purpose is the act of bringing your future to the present and having the end in mind. What better way to live life to the full? It indeed is second to none. The dreams and creativity you had as a child should not stop because you took in too much of reality. Wake up each day and speak, act, walk, think, react and be the person you always dream of becoming.

When it comes to purposeful living, positive mental attitude and the action of constant pursuit is key. You do not become anyone great,if you do not live with greatness in you daily.

I encourage you to dream, embrace greatness, get infected with purpose and understand this, “the future is now.”


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