Okay…it went down this morning. First things first, thank you Lord for life and protection👐

In between going early to work and the realisation that I had to take public transport…in my head for the first 30 minutes, I went back to sleep.😂

Yes o…I’m not all ‘ajeboish’🙈 I certainly use public transport every now and then…but certainly not when there are other plans. Back to the beginning…the almost three plans I had for getting to work on time didnt work out😕 this left me doing the ‘taxi dance’.


The shock of the first bargain…#700! For what…’you apparently want to use the money to build a house’💁😓 Second bargain…’I don’t know that side’; Dats alrite! Third bargain…’I’m going to Zuba’…; that’s good news, exactly what part of that can get me to Central Area please! Fourth bargain *and surely there is an end* I crossed the road and beat down the price and ‘let’s go there!’💃👐👏

Oh yes…while I was reminiscing about the escapade, I received instructions in the order of bargains💃✔

No price is too high to pay for your journey to destiny actualisation….this I understand! Wait for it…I do believe there exist one high price: ‘An Unreasonable Price’- this is too costly a price to pay. It is perfectly understandable to race against time…but it is unreasonable to pay beyond your means to get it right at the first trial!

“Lessons from Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor.'”


You save yourself a whole lot of explaining if you stick to persons and circumstances that can relate to where you are going and keep you on track respectively. You need all the energy you have for the journey…don’t dissipate it trying to explain small details at almost every point in time.

“Learn from Abraham and Lot’s travel.”

Never move along with persons or engage in situations that are not along your life’s destination. Yes…heard a funny story of someone that missed the flight to ‘Lagos’…because of a distracting conversation with a person going to ‘Abuja’.


“Some deep conversation it might have been; and certainly at the expense of one’s destination.”

After you have done all of that…with the understanding of the end in mind. No matter how many trials might be involved, cross the road and move on to your best bargain. This to me is perseverance…until your means (preparation) meets with the opportunity.

“Never give up!”

Oh right…we were talking about a Taxi🙈 *haha*
I could have jumped like 10 buses…I know. Hear this…”there is still a cost involved in the process.” This to me is branding…’time branding; face branding; outfit branding; mental branding; destination branding; et al.’
I pick Idea branding at this conclusion…I certainly would have gotten a different write up…if I hadn’t used a TAXI.
Thank you Taxi!!!


Blessing Okoro

6 thoughts on “TAXI!

  1. Juugo says:

    Taking a taxi from your side to Central Area is normally high priced to begin with. And I am for the first time confused; it is unreasonable to pay an abnormal price to get it right the first time? Especially when it is something you and everybody around you is new to?


    • oyide says:

      Yes boss…thanks for stopping by:) Tell me about it @high taxi prices. About the part of unreasonable prices the first time…like the woman in the movie I referred to, she wanted to accomplish her dreams at all cost, with the slightest first opportunity and then cheated on her husband.
      So when you have to lose your virtues and live beyond your means to fulfil your dreams, that is not dedication or determination, it is in most cases greed and get-it-fast syndrome.
      This is my take. Thank you.


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