To meet you…


The joy that comes
From meeting people
Especially for the first time.

Those you heard a lot about
Those you never thought you would meet
Especially those you couldn’t make conclusions about.

Whether the meeting is official
Outdoor, informal or otherwise
Especially those impromptu ones.

The delight of making new acquaintances
Knowing what to say at the right pace
Especially what not to say at the pressing moments.

The good thing about meeting you remains
That knowledge that we will always remember
This day that we met.

It is especially NICE to finally meet you!


As Blessingshares celebrates her first year anniversary*dancing*, we say “It is indeed nice to have met every single one of our readers and partners.”

Big Shouout👏 to everyone we will still meet.


-Blessing Okoro

6 thoughts on “To meet you…

  1. ikeamadi says:

    Big congrats, Lubimaya. Big congrats.

    More years to celebrate. Blessingshares shows, Blessingshares events, Blessingshares Book tours and book signings!

    Thank you for being my special blessing, especially via your blog.

    God bless!


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