More Gifts…

“Big gifts are the sign of a big God.”
-Author: Woodrow Kroll


Here we are this week…again reviewing the awesome book by Peter Tan ‘The Gifts of the Holy Spirit’. Last week, we established that there are three (3) categories for the nine (9) spiritual gifts.
Check out for the three (3) powerful ‘Revelation’ gifts we explained.

This week, we bring to you the second Category💃👐😃

The power gifts of the Holy Spirit do something.


1) The Gift of Faith:
The gift of faith is the supernatural ability imparted by God to receive a miracle. The gift of faith operates in four areas: preservation, provision, proclamation and transportation.
Note: The gift of faith brings about supernatural provision in miraculous ways.

2) The Working of Miracles:
The gift of the working of miracles is the supernatural ability imparted by God to work a miracle.
Note: The reason why the Bible uses the plural word ‘miracles’ is because this gift operates in five areas of miracles: the transcending of natural laws, instantaneous healings, creative miracles, special demonstrations of the anointing and the working of signs and wonders.


3) The Gifts of Healings:
The gifts of healings are the supernatural ability imparted by God to work a healing and bring about wholeness on a human being.
Note: There are healings of the soul and healings of the body.

Spiritual Nuggets:
-In the last days, God will demonstrate special signs and wonders through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:18, 19).
-We need to take time in meditating on the Word of God and engaging in Spiritual exercise.

There you have them:
Round two of the write-up on ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’. Join us next week for the last lap of the writing and learning race. God bless you.


Once again:
Do drop examples of persons in the Bible that manifested any or all of the ‘Power gifts’ and let us know what your believe will equip Christians to receive the ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ in this end-time.

Blessing Okoro

4 thoughts on “More Gifts…

  1. tessadoghor says:

    Jesus: He was conscious of virtue on Him all the time, He was convinced He had something the world needed.

    Elisha’s bones had virtue on them even after he was dead.

    Peter healed the blind man at the gate ‘Beautiful’ he knew what he carried.

    I think I’m buying this book. I’m not quite at home with these as I am with the utterance gifts but its really awesome. Thank you for sharing.


    • oyide says:

      Word! Word! Indeed…Jesus, Peter, Elisha👐👏 Amen…you should totally get the book and may the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth👍. Thank you for stopping by.


  2. oyide says:

    Yes!!! More examples of persons in the Bible that manifested the ‘Power gifts’. Gift of Faith- Daniel was protected from lions by a gift of faith (Daniel 6:10-24); The working of Miracles- Samson, through the working of miracles, tore the lion apart (Judges 14:6); The gifts of healing- Jesus Christ demonstrated this gifts in His ministry recorded in various places in the Scriptures.


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