It’s A Girl!!!


When they told me this,
I was really excited.

It meant I had the right to:

Cook, clean and keep the home.

The sole privilege to:

Bear and nurse my children.

The striking responsibility to:

Multitask and be hardworking.

The rare opportunity to:

Be beautiful and confident.

The cool excuse to: ​

Be assisted and pampered.

To combine sensibly the afore-mentioned;

You see I first had to know.

The Power of being a woman

In order to enjoy its awesome privileges.

In between the rough edges and the process

I remain a being like no other.

I am a WOMAN.


The Feminine World:💆💅💁
It is expected that every girl becomes a woman…through the various beautiful seasons of femininity.
It is indeed a gift and a blessing to be a woman…and that book got it right (look for the picture😃)💃…there indeed is the Power of being a Woman😃👏💯✔

-Blessing Okoro

6 thoughts on “It’s A Girl!!!

    • oyide says:

      Awwww….thanks love. Thank God for that book too ‘The Power of being a Woman’…I believe every female should read it💃 Thank you for dropping by*hugs*…see you next time.


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