Days of my life

“In days like this…I so do not blog.”- Blessing Okoro

Haba…all these stress for why?😮😕💆😓
P.S- Yes…that’s the new way of expressing it ‘for why?’😂
The other side of family, engagements, daily living, relationships, dreams, planning, et al.

“Everything is everything”😃🙈

My reminder does not seize to buzz out tasks…I’m like really all in one day, especially on my lazy days.😮🙈😂
My family is great…they don’t hesitate to put me up for tasks that no one else feels like doing (especially when I have not completed the ones I have for myself already).
P.S- Watch it now…family means everything to me. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. *hugs*😂…I love them💃😘
My lovely dad always has something he needs me to do whether I like it or not…especially the ultimatums.😂👏
P.S- I love my dad to bits btw😃💃🙈
My inability to seemingly explain clearly in daily cases of serious engagements…that I’m not lazy ATM, I’m only resting so bad coz I can smell crazier days ahead…good ones definitely (in days when I work, I work so bad).
P.S- Ask Chiamaka for a confirmation😂💃🙈

Bestie of life…watch out for her, she is an Agricultural magnate in ministry😃
“You already are today what you will be in future”😃💃👏

But you see there are crazier moments of truth…the so ‘when is all this stress going to pass’ part
P.S- Luckily I know most of it is accumulated stress (story for another day)…the intro to this write-up is just an intro😂…all of those are neither stressful nor the cause of the stress💃😃…I sometimes feel I have some form of OCPD…I mean it feels good to be relied on and I must ‘plan’ all the way, especially daily.

It now gets all funny…when you look through the book of Ecclesiastes…you realise there is sometimes no point (my October Bible Study). Solomon called it vanity…I call it ‘a madness’.
Yea you heard me right…not ‘madness’, but ‘a madness’ (that’s how we say it here on BlessingShares😃).
The next point:
Optimism Vs Realism- Although realism doesn’t make a great night rest…I then tend to look through life pages as an optimist (this is Faith) . I mean we are already in it (life)…so why lose your righteous mind every other day from the craziness.


The craziness:
Yes…craziness. It hit me over and over again; when Apostle Paul goes ‘Every thing works together for good to them that love God’…there was the craziness in between the lines all along.😮🙈😂

It means no matter how much the pressure I face from decisions that leave one stupefied (as in overwhelmed with amazement), it will pass…all of it.
It means no matter how bad I hurt from an abrupt breakup, I’m coming out stronger.
It means no matter how bad sanity seems to be eluding me, I still wouldn’t lose my righteous mind👐😂
It means no matter how bad the uncertainty of events are, they will still turn for me as a testimony…as they always have. Thank you Lord👐👏💃😃
For all these and more…in between the confusion, bustling, rapidness, exhaustion, irregularities, I so wouldn’t complain. In fact laughter becomes more intense in days like this😂😃🙈

You know ‘life is good’ (LG or whatever)💃…oh well…it is good as long as I blog…I must admit…in days like this blogging keeps me sane…haha (in a good way).


The Question:
What keeps you sane through all the craziness?
P.S- the words are not used in their literal form (sane et craziness)…holla back on the comment box if we are the same page😃✔
Xièxiè!…now that’s ‘thanks’ in Chinese😮😃💃

Bible References:
The book of Ecclesiastes
Romans 8:28


2 thoughts on “Days of my life

  1. queen says:

    Awesome write up frm ma Bestie as usual ! *hugs. The craziness in ma house is also as intense L̳̿Ö̤L hw ever I remain joyful cos dats d only way I can get thru it all cos the joy of The Lord is my strength :D. We ll all get thru it – Amen


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