“Everything needs a break.”- Toba Beta


Due to realisation that the last four years of my life were majorly spent in the tertiary institution, there are many tales to tell and stories to write.
Conciseness is key in this case, cause all the memories got summed up in my final year #DaysOfMyLife.
From excitement to enthusiasm to exhaustion. The excitement days had with them a blend of anxiety; it was so easy to pray Philippians 4:6 and confess God’s promises for my graduating result with anticipatory hope. On the brighter page, the enthusiastic days were grand…various finishing touches here and there; final strategies, lectures, events, engagements, Chapel programmes #MissThoseMoments😂👐, and on and on.
And then it happened…the exhaustion stage #PostInspiration. There was nothing like this phase of my final year; in between the project stress, the assignments, presentations, examinations, stretching events, multitasking and all. I understand it was an attack at the end of the journey…but I fell ill man #LordHaveMercy. Don’t get scared for me…God helped my weakness and stepped in #PostForAnotherDay.😂💃👐👏
Now the hour has come, after four years of schooling…to take time out #July26thGone. All I can think of is REST…nd more REST…nd More😃👏🙈😅
Every now and then…we kind of run away from this. Some erroneous analogies view rest to be tantamount to laziness. In my world…this belief doesn’t exist😂😃. I’m taking this post out to welcome you into a new found world of REST💃😃


Target Audience:
Not restricted to those on break presently. Trust me…you will find out when you are done.😃

The ‘Hows’:
Be Lazy
Indulge self by respecting your lazy days of: sleeping in, lounging at home, not doing heavy tasks, being less of a perfectionist, not doing every thing in your planner😂…and other things you could pass off.

Take time out
Rest from specific activities every now and then. Obey your eyes when they get tired from browsing: take time out from the Internet😃, embrace your getting dizzy in the evenings: go to bed earlier, stay in bed longer and dream big, don’t think about how unserious you feel by resting💃

Say no!
You can’t really be resting and jumping like a workaholic at the same time.
Politely say no to tasks you are not interested in completing in this time-out state. Really…half the persons making a plethora of demands, were not there when you worked round the clock to accomplish goals and targets.
It is love your neighbour as yourself, not more than you love yourself…with all due respect.💃👏👏😄

Take a vacation:
This part is so cool…I can finally drop a quote by Augustine of Hippo💃-“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”#Adventure. A friend I told this quote to had been having all the fun in this aspect of REST. I think this is such a Fresh way to take time out.

Stay Brilliant:
Read from a library, no matter how inconsistent. This helps you not to waste time but invest time while resting #win-win. Try not to over-work your brain…if a book stresses you out beyond the resting limit, postpone the reading. The idea is to restfully keep the brain active not sweat it out…that is partly what was happening all the while prior to this time😓😃😃


Do the Constants:
Some things can’t be sacrificed on the altar of rest😄😯😜…do those things that are both lawful and expedient. Grow Spiritually, maintain relationships, make impact by giving/helping/volunteering, complete urgent and important tasks, keep promises and every thing in between independent of rest.

Most vital:
I received this insight on rest written by Benny Hinn in his book ‘Welcome Holy Spirit’ and it is so awesome:
“So many people feel so much stress in their lives and the key to relief is not a prescription, a cruise, or learning to say, “No”, it’s the Holy Spirit.”
This is so cool…coz this ‘how’ brings rest at all times. Whether you are working or on vacation. Since we mostly work more months than we take vacations #LawOfLabour…holding all other factors constant😃, I’m sure taking this with me and I hope you are embracing this continuous rest too🙋👏😜

‘Be dedicated to your moments
When your work, work hard.
So that when you rest, you rest well.’

As an extension of our love for books and insights on this page #BlessingShares. I recommend two greatly insightful books by Benny Hinn ‘Good Morning, Holy Spirit’ and ‘Welcome, Holy Spirit’.
Awesome reading ya’ll…you will wish you didn’t have to put them down when you are done😂👏👐

Post Fact:
Rest according to my introductory personal story is much interesting after the successful completion of an event/activity/process. To me…it is a reality of this scripture: “For surely there is an end, and thine expectations shall not be cut off.”- Proverbs 23:18.
It simply is of His Grace…to complete well and to REST.

“Rest and be thankful.”- Williams Wadsworth


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