Entrepreneurs Meet: The Event.

Totally had a splendid event day on Saturday…it was epic…a very distinctly profound event.
Recently came to the nostalgic realisation that I started attending conferences by age 6 thereabout #HowIWasRaised 😃💃
This event brought a new blend to my experiences so far.


Certainly felt like home…coz one way or another, my footprints are being left in this path on sands of time #AmenPeople. There was the presence of networking at its peak…representing this quote all the way:
“Networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally.”-Michele Jennae
Various key nuggets maintained a preponderance; they certainly are important for entrepreneurs in the media.
~Informative Television
Here goes a photo splash of all the great minds and experts I was privileged to meet at this awesome event😃💃


My latest mentor in blogging😃💃…check her out on her awesome blog: http://www.omonaikee.blogspot.com


Akintola Lemmy #AkwireGlobalSolutions, Zainab Haruna #TheBrainBehindTheEvent (CEO, Decipher Solutions), Omonike Odi #SocialMediaExpert


Was excited to meet the competent and admired TV Personality, Nancy Illoh #TheMoneyShow👏😃


Met this great visionary, Bayo Imam #UnorthodoxSolutions


Was elated to meet the confident and competent head of the Business and Economy Desk #AIT, Emmanuel Ohiomokhare😃

Totally appreciate meeting all other qualified discussants…great TV and Online Media Experts: Grace Ike #ITV, Kunle Agboola #MediaExpert. Can’t forget to mention a certain polymath, Collins A. Adeyemi; the great participants and organisers.

I wrap this photo session up with the official group picture from the event💃😃


Thanks to the organisers #DecipherSolutions…Zainab and her team for putting this August event in the month of September together. It felt good to be home.😂😃
Second event as an official MC. Thank you Lord!😃💃👏👐🙈

Sneak peak:😃💃
The official opening address was written by yours truly as follows😃:
We are gathered here today because the media… in some way, is important to each one of us.
Certainly many of us use the media as a means of communicating. And it’s the best and most dominant flattener in our world today. But that’s not only where the great media legacy comes from. It comes from what it has done for entrepreneurs.
Probably 75% of great minds in this room utilise various social media platforms for their businesses and the media has made a positive difference in your life.
And though the media has various programs for every individual. Entrepreneurs are what we are about. The media really is second to none for business excellence.
I’d like to share a quote on entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker: Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.
The media has been supplying excitement in a way that is good for entrepreneurs since it began. But it can only do better with the help and support of great minds like you. Thank you for being here today.

Concluding Findings:
Television is expensive, social media is inexpensive…but remember, they are complementary in the facilitation of your business processes.
Go on enjoying the business leverages provided by the media.

Have a great day.

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