September the 6th

This day:
Witnessed the birth of a rare gem,
Is marked by a visioner, role-model and friend.

Proves trials graciously conquered,
Climbs to the realms of success.

Backed with hope and laughter,
Reflects the beauty of greatness.

With a virtue-filled ambience,
Forever brings joy our way.

In all its celebratory splendour,
Brings with it the beginning of a new year.

It doesn’t just tell a date,
It tells a remarkable event.

Happy Birthday💃😂😃🎉
To my awesome sister~love~friend.
Many more of ‘this day’ to come.🎊🎁💝🎂🍦
God bless you.👏😃🌕


2 thoughts on “September the 6th

  1. Airstar says:

    Aww, I’m literally crying. This is beyond lovely. My siblings have a way of making my head swell sha.
    I’m grateful to God for giving me both of you. And Bafef too. Some1 once said how I got the best siblings in the world and that’s the truth.
    Tnks u so much darling. Dis is by far d best gift.


    • oyide says:

      🙋Awwwww💃u re so welcome love. You are the best elder sister too. What will we do without you😂…love you loads…God will always bless you. Muaah😃👏


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