Live everyday
Laugh every moment
Love every time

By embracing each day and giving it our best shot.
By finding the humour in every situation whether subtle or obvious.
By moving on at all times no matter how hurt, with an eye filled with hope.

1. I read something awesome on ‘living each day’…here is the extract💃😃:
‘As you go about your daily activities, from the moment you get up in the morning up to the time that you go back to sleep, constantly imagine that you are smiling inwardly at your outer reality as you go about your daily activities. Imagine that you are smiling from the deeper recesses of your mind, originating from within your heart area, and that you are projecting that happiness and smile outward through your eyes and expression. No matter what the circumstances are. You will find increasingly that your eyes will be smiling and so will your mouth, that will often curl up to a slight smile.
At the same time imagine that your heart constantly expresses a great inward smile filled with pure joy of being alive, no matter what.’
Extracted from ‘Communication and Relationships Course’ by Peter Shepherd

2. Saw this quote and loved it.
“Humour protects us from stress.”- Anonymous

3. I believe we should love always as we go along…and drop every hurt where it happened and pick the loving beings we are up intact😂👏…


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