Stop Dreaming…

“Stop having dreams, start acting.”- Blessing Okoro

Walking through the path of realisation, I have come to the end of the road that dreams are not realised on the bed of wishing.


Using my journey so far as an example and with the secret consciousness of all the friends this write-up is dedicated to, it is worthy to note that life only becomes meaningful when you find a reason greater than reality. This becomes the point of action when you; evaluate the time frame, weigh your options, develop your strategies, create a failure matrix and work well with your back-ups.


If this is the case, the question remains: why are you still dreaming?. It is worthy to note that having a dream gives every individual an edge. But it remains a bane to existence and a war in the system, if individuals do not go out and act their dreams into realities.

These are my confessions: I had dreams of starting a blog and a talk show…it was awesome seeing all these in mind.
Oh well…I wish it remained awesome all the way…because the conclusion is I didn’t start the blog or show for a very long time.
I was brought back to earth’s reality on faithful days…it was like water splashed on my face with the drops of realisation that I had wished too long.
Now this is my reality…sharing my thoughts, writing poems and write-ups. I never would have done all these if I were still wishing cum dreaming.😃
Besides…now that I have acted, I have freed my mind to have better dreams when I go to sleep fulfilled every night.💃

Extract the benefits of your dreams or the process of dreaming.
Wake up from the bed of wishing.
Take action…one step at a time.
List out the experiences of such moves.
Compare your results from the time of dreaming to the point of acting.
Commend self for stepping into reality.
Dream again and act even more as you find your real self in life.

Indeed, “the end of a man is not in a thought (dream) but in an action.”- Thomas Carlyle (Paraphrased).

This post is not suitable for Children…lool. In other words, dreams here depict visions and master plans and any other mind projections that can be acted upon.
Have an action filled week ahead.

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