Empowerment for flight

“Raising a new generation of leaders.”
– Covenant University Motto.
With about a day to the 8th convocation ceremony of Covenant University, it becomes expedient to write this piece. The convocation ceremony has been known with the caption: “the Release of Eagles”.
But come to think of it, what is most peculiar about the eagle bird? The FLIGHT! That’s the major peculiarity! It soars up high into the sky with “dignity and confidence”.
I remember going for a conference last month in Abuja, when I took cognizance of the scene of take off of the airplane. The plane on getting to the run-way, appears to be wagging like a snail, but at take off, the supersonic speed goes beyond, as it soars into the airways!
We are at that phase of destiny, after this phase of schooling, where we are positioned to take flight in whatever field, calling, idea, career or industry.

But what makes the airplane soar at such altitude and speed?
A journey approximately nine to ten hours by road, is squeezed to a 45 minutes journey by flight! What a wonder!
We are raised as the New Generation of Leaders. For the fastest possible form of Manifestation, what we need is a flight!
It will soon be recorded of us as seen in Isaiah 60:8…”Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?”
It’s the Renaissance set! What a prophecy! Please don’t see this as a slogan, see it as a prophecy over your destiny!
The Renaissance set: the rebirth; I have this confidence, that via this set of eagles, the prophecy of Isaiah will be a reality…”And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in” (Isa.61:1-3)
Obviously, there is a requisite enabling for every phase. It’s called empowerment!
For example, a baby child graduated from crawling, to walking to jumping and running, all at different stages of enabling. He could only take fluid at some point, but via the enabling of his growing teeth, could now take some degree of semi-solid and onto solid foods.
What am I saying? Every new phase demands a new order of enabling.
Empowerment simply means enabling, a propelling force/power!
There is the empowerment of the Spirit of God to gain supersonic flight in life!
It is an Anointing from the Holy One.
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me (Isaiah61:1)
The Holy Spirit is our combustion fuel for flight! Constant Infilling and renewal keeps us in flight!
The airplane gets to contend with a number of forces, the force of gravitation, the waves…but for the jet to remain in motion, it requires a higher force! Thus, the indispensability of the Holy Spirit! He keeps us soaring against all forces contrary to our flight, He supplies the required enthusiasm, zeal and passion, He keeps you in form and in shape, He overshadows you with divine insights and wisdom, He guides your steps in and through! You need the empowerment of the Spirit of God for flight!

Thank God for the coming convocation, the release of eagles…but what happens after you are released?- FLIGHT!
Evidently, flight is in various levels/altitudes, dependent on your order of empowerment.
Hey, don’t run another man’s race, your take off must be on the right track! Discover your Run-way and stay there! That’s the impetus for flight. God said, He will lead you in the way that you should go! So, seek out for divine direction!
But there can’t be any considerable speed of flight when in the midst of a wrong company. They will creep one’s motion, iron makes iron sharp!
Thank God for flight, but the accelerator and the sustenance of flight is Integrity! A stand for God, if we must beat them, we must not join them…a stand for truth!

Can’t wait for the release of the 8th set of Covenant graduates! Indeed, something is loaded and special about this set!
Go forth and Soar!
I pray that each one will take flight into the fulfillment of God’s plans and purposes.
Congratulations!!! Renaissance set of 2013

Written by: Abraham Owoseni
Young Breeds Ministries

First write-up contributed by a great mind. What a joy to know it came in this season of perfection and celebrations.


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