When the tides that flowed ebbs
A time when the sun sets,
In the days when the old clock ticks
Bringing you to a sate of newness.

How the sea loses its waves
Move is inevitable with the seasons,
From old faces to new times
In between myriad awesome changes.

Why sporadic moving-on hurts
From sunny to gloomy feelings,
You wish the long hand stands
Reducing the nostalgic uprisings.

What the flow connotes
In the newness the day rises,
The mantra remains: time flies
Showing a glimpse of lasting smiles.

Where the water sweeps
Into the rising of new experiences,
Embrace the unusual timings
In the end they make up your MOMENTS.

Yea! My first poem with five stanzas…simply summarized in the quote by Heraclitus that the only constant thing is change😄.Remember life goes on.

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