In life’s journey

It is important to take stock

So take a pause


Ask yourself what then?

What happens-

If you sleep and don’t wake up

Is there something you should lay straight?

What happens –

If after rejecting God it is too late

Can you stand the consequences?

What happens

If after you make that choice it turns out to be your last

Wouldn’t you rather choose well?

What happens

If you postpone that task till tomorrow and today is your last

Would you still postpone it?

What happens

If you don’t stop to take a pause and ask yourself questions

Would you rather risk your life?

In life before you make any decision

Take a pause and ask the question


Don’t risk your life!

Written by John Okoro.


Let your mind be balanced:)…go easy on it being your last, it is not yet that time *hugs*. I believe when you are given the advice to live everyday like it is your last, it simply entails doing the right and humane things. In that line, what the poem depicts is that you live life void of mediocrity and excuses, in line with God’s dictates:D

#dancing…it is poem interpreting time on Blessingshares, do drop a comment:)…and do take that STOCK…now is the preferred time:D

4 thoughts on “WHAT THEN?

  1. Airstar says:

    Whew, practically jst felt my life flash b4 my eyes. It really is a tough one. What then. Lemme sharply pray 4 grace to always live right.


  2. OBIORA says:

    hmmm…well its a God thing to take stock, cos we dominate everything in our path…to much blessings, just need to TAKE STOCK


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