In my progressively awesome life, I have at every point in time lived for better days. It comes with the ideology that life is worth living because there is something more exciting, a state more successful, a moment more enjoyable and definitely, happenings more miraculous ahead.

When moments throw you a curve of ‘content discomfort’, you realize that no matter how much you want to sing the lullaby of living in the present…your body prefers to run out of your skin screaming “This is not my idea of awesome moments!” In simple terms, when we coo ‘it is well’, it should not be in the light of a goal to be achieved, but rather, a means of travelling.

“One day things will get better, today is that day!”

Then the part we have all waited for happens…it is SHOWTIME!!!…your jaws literally drop:), the grin cannot be stopped nor confused for a normal smile, laughter becomes inevitable and you realize your mind becomes little when it tries to comprehend the act. These my friends are symptoms of the MIRACULOUS.

“We waited for them and when they came, they could only be termed ‘miracles’.”

In my world, the ‘miracle’ companion does not come alone, it brings loads of good tidings, I have no choice but to share them out as ‘Testimonies’ *I am nice like that:)*. To have my Dad and my Uncle emerge without a scratch from a terribly devastating road accident *yea…the car was ruined* is a MIRACLE!!! *Thank you Jesus*. Wait for it…:), to have the official launch of “The Blessing Okoro Show” in Covenant University, against all odds…at the perfect time *God stepped in:)* is a MIRACLE. To realize if I keep writing about the miracles, the pages will not be enough:D…is a MIRACLE.

Although, the comment boxes are there for you to add your own miracles to the list…that is a MIRACLE:)



All through that stage of aiming for better days, you are involved in a heart-felt process of believing and visualizing. Whatever it is you want: let your mind see it, let your hand write it, let your mouth say it, let your heart sing it, let your eyes see it clearly and let your whole being receive it. Now this is my definition of FAITH– Hebrews 11:1.

Go on and keep receiving your miracles:D


5 thoughts on “MIRACLES…

  1. oyide says:

    Let me start the miracle list in the comment box:)…by this time last week, I had a plethora of assignments. But today, the pain is over:D. It is sure is a miracle that all the assignments were submitted on time.


  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com says:

    l am glad you read my post (United Nation ) Blessings and regards.jalal


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