It started off with a desire to be the first to get to the gate and back to the signing table:)…no stopping…and kabashing all the way for breath, was the order of the exercise-and yes!…it worked. In the words of the Preacher, it simply was ‘Grace’.

In life, those that have a focused mark to hit, tend to run alone, with Grace all along the way.

In my continued exercise, I realized the need for reinforcement. It happens with that consciousness that outrunning others is not the goal, but outrunning oneself is. It was done by taking time out to jog at the same speed and pace with someone more exercised and resilient #this one is tough:D. You see, such person gets to encourage and admonish you to jog on in order for you to hit the mark as a team. But in my world, there is a limit. My exhaustion statement goes like this “You jog on, I will be fine…I really can’t take the pace anymore*whew*”

In life…you get to a point when you must jog at your own pace, with God backing you up. Everyone is at a different stage of his/her life; admire people, but not up to that point that they prevent you from living your phase of life per time. Understand that you must let some people go; don’t get selfish, some must go ahead of you and it still doesn’t prevent you from hitting your target at you own pace.

Having gleaned adequate reinforcement from jogging victories #at least once:)…there is an urge to pass on such reinforcement to someone. This is the point the decision of jogging with someone less exercised than you is made. You exercise this by jogging all the way with such person; with the mentality that your success is at this point is tied to that of the individual. Indeed, from the onset, you had already made a mark; hence you have nothing to lose #point of Succession.

In life…when you become a privileged mentor, motivate your mentee(s) through their ‘learning processes’. Jog with them, rest with them when they feel exhausted, encourage them to hit their mark. Indeed you have true SUCCESS, only when they succeed.

Now that the jogging lessons are learnt…let the relaxation begin:D…#point of Siesta.


After you have gone through all of these, of course you are a LEGEND…Congratulations!!!


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