“In between the hustle and stress, you remember to smile.”

– Blessing Okoro

Someone reminded me that I love laughing…then I considered…but I was laughing to keep sane *thinking*. Now the question is, when did sanity become a goal? *confused*. In between expecting mails, planning the day with each minute, wishing certain people where around, developing capacity, constantly renewing the mind and making the most of each day, I forgot to breathe.

“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” ~Proverb

I came back to reality grounds, when someone told me “it is well you”…that really is how it is meant to be *thinking*. The quote makes it easier to swallow, it might not always be a win-win situation, but it boils down to forgetting those things that may not be right and basking in the ambience of things that make you feel alive.

Where is the part of fun already?…you might ask. In this sane state, blogging is sure one of it. I also remember sight-seeing…meeting new and keeping in touch with existing mentors:), reading books that one can relate with, watching movies with people that make you happy *no matter how short*, the anticipation of seeing a loved one:), praying with the certainty that God hears you, eating proper food:D, reading books and write-ups of great minds you know personally *awaiting Ofili’s new book:D*, and most especially being able to blog with the knowledge that great people love your blog *thank you all*.

This brief write-up is dedicated to the excursion I took this week…it was a much needed breath of fun *grinning*


Whenever you have a chance to escape or stay unexcited…I hope you escape:)

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