It is pretty interesting to realize that no write-up has been titled “Grace” up until this time. My perception of the word has evolved over time from just the definition as “Unmerited favor” to the concept being a summary of my “life”.

This write-up defines Grace as “God’s Reaching Arm Conceiving Everything”…others say it is God in the race (G-race)…it is wondrous, magnificent, incredible, extraordinary, awesome, undeserved, inexplicable and all-encompassing Grace. This is not just a word with a meaning, it shows off various potent abilities…it shines, corrects, strengthens, creates, covers, embraces, helps, finds and sustains. I wish I could describe it to you.

Take time out to look at your life, you realize those bits of yourself, your endeavors, your accomplishments that you cannot explain how they came about. You might have been singing a different melody, lost some things, walked away, given up…but you realize a force has kept your song, made sure you did not lose everything, carried you along the way, and given you sufficiency…that my friends is God’s Grace.

This is the definition of our lives…we couldn’t work for it, couldn’t pay for it, it was not only given freely, but in an unmerited dimension. “Think about it…” it remains available, wherever you go, whatever you do, as long as you realize that Grace is ever present. Let me shock you…without it, we really will be nowhere (especially not where God wants us to be). It is from God, by Him and unto Him.

Keep living-in, wearing and basking in God’s Grace in this week and beyond.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

– Revelation 22: 21

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