A New Beginning…

Here we go again, blogging in the cool of the evening. At this point, I join my voice with other Nigerians around the very hot parts of the country where the sun has refused to stop showing off its hotness (…to say; one day things will get better, until then enjoy your evenings:)

New semester, new Facebook page:), new courses, new strategies, new responsibilities…hmmm. Here I am in the present…with the realization that I am not where I used to be:). In the spirit of new beginnings, I commence a new series of my stay in my awesome institution (the intro). It all started out during the “Week of Emphasis”…Papa’s declaration went like this: “For those of you at the back, you are moving forward”…I shouted “Amen”. Note that I was literally at the back…sorry…the back seat:D

The movement  from the back to the front was purely mathematical  such that 2+2=4, and without complications, it is universally 4. There is the part of the front seats in the Chapel reserved for Chaplains…the responsibility of hustling for seat was taken from off my shoulder and I was seated in one of those front seats by the next “week of emphasis”*wow*

You see the movement was not all about the seat:D….it came with the responsibility of the new beginning as the Female Co-ordinating Chaplain. That was indeed the first beginning…100 level, splendid foundation (what a great way to start).


Get a Word for your life at every point in time…in the context of this write-up, you can start with the scripture: Isaiah 43:18-19 *Do use your preferred version:)*


Can you prove that 2+2 is not equal to 4? *thinking*

To be continued…

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