“For surely there is an end; and thy expectation shall not be cut off.”

-Proverbs 23:18 (KJV)

I promised to keep you tuned in to my endeavors cum odyssey within this period…oh well, I hereby bring the summary with the title of this write-up:D…before you read, do note that it has been….hmmm…okay*haha*…just read already:)


I have been up and about, pretty busy* surprised*…”you are so in line with my thought pattern right now, I am supposed to be on break”. Oh well, after one or two plans to go home (wherever that is, preferably out of school), did not work out…I was back to the projects (dedicated as a bee). For the record, I was wearing corporate and carrying a heavy bag around the school again…*haha*.


I suddenly realized that you put in extra effort into working when your brain decides that it should be resting. In that case I can say “the work process was strong” (gidigan..lool). The major work essentially was the programming of my mind for great news, wonderful outcomes and a little bit of that break. 


Categorically stating, in line with the scripture, my expectations were met in time:D…wait for it: there usually is a prolonged approval process for the organization of conferences, but this time around, there was no panadol swallowed :O…;I flippantly applied to attend a conference (I was literally seeing double while applying), and the application was accepted*dancing*; was at a cross-road while accepting an invitation (now I am glad I did!).

After all has been said and done, this is the conclusion of the matter: it was God all the way and to Him be all the glory. The secret remains Hebrews 10:35-36. In fact, I call it the simple formula of the good life. 

Oh well, gotta go now…let the packing spree begin:)….I am taking that break 😀

Moral of Write-up:

In spite of how dizzy I might be, I just have to let you all know that whatever good stuff you expect will come to you as long as you are willing to patiently, joyfully, and trustingly wait for it. 


Have a victorious fast approaching weekend:D

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