I am absolutely excited today. First of its kind in our series of interviews and it all happened because I met someone great today.

All the way from Moscow, Russia, a fiercely passionate and fresh young man*in his own words*:)…without further ado…today we meet a passionate blogger, potent writer and an action-driven God-lover, Ike Amadi aka Mr Do Something:D

Here goes the exclusive interview…

Wait for it:)…it had the talk show approach:D

B.S- Hi everyone, welcome to another splendid edition of the show. It is very elating to have our special guest in the house this evening. Ladies and Gentlemen, would you welcome with me, Ike Amadi *standing ovation*.

I.A- *laughs*…thank you, thank you, thank you Blessing Okoro. Thank you for having me on your show, really excited to be here with you.

B.S- it is my pleasure 🙂

I.A- I’m a big fan of your show.

B.S- The show is a big fan of u:)…we totally love the great things that God is doing through you. It is great 2 finally have you here all the way from Russia:)

I.A-Yes, yes, it was a long flight, but totally worth it. Thank you very much, like Paul said, “It is God who works in us to will and to do”.

B.S- You did something by taking that flight…We appreciate you for that and thank God for journey mercies. God certainly has been working in you. So, tell us, what inspired the caption “Do Something”…as a book title and as a nickname.

I.A- Thank you. Well, I observed that a lot of people were not doing something and I needed the youth to do something for themselves, their families and the nation.That, my dear, inspired the caption. In relation to writing, it came to me, all I needed to do was write.

B.S- Word!…indeed the need for action is certainly expedient.

I.A- That is true. Action.

B.S- 7 yrs and counting…if I fast track you to your anniversary night of a decade…who will you dedicate the process to and how will it go.

I.A- *Laughs*…I certainly will dedicate the process to God and those who believed and still believe in me.

B.S- Wow…the event will be so memorable…we have to be there…*loud cheer from the audience*. Mr Do Something…we know we must let you go and catch up later with you during the after show dinner…and definitely let u rest from the trip, in order for us to give you the proper tour round our beautiful state.

I.A- *hahaha*…That is very correct.Thank you for your understanding Blessing, you have always been very kind.

B.S- You are very welcome. Before that we must ask, where do you see yourself 10 years from now and what would you love to see in the youth of that time period.

I.A- That is a very important question, Blessing.

B.S- Yes…God gave you an important assignment..you are certainly blessed:)

I.A- 10 years from now I should have properly set up a platform which will be a hub for other upcoming young thinkers to stand on. Of course married (laughs), with one or two kids and still serving the Lord. 

B.S- *haha* great.

I.A- I would want to see a more focused youth, who know what they want out of this life which is why I am dedicating my life to seeking the path so that they can thread without stumbling.

B.S- That is an awesome statement there. The youth definitely serve as the bedrock of every nation and the world at large. We indeed wish you the very best:). It was great having you on the show *loud applause*.

I.A- Thank you, Blessing. Anytime.

B.S- Thank you so much..and we believe very strongly that your 10th anniversary event is a splendid one already 😀 …God bless you.

I.A- My pleasure, Blessing. I am always more enlightened whenever I watch your show.

B.S- We will see Mr Do Something doing greater things at the top..but first with our special delicacies at the after show dinner:) … Once more we are elated*official handshake*…and *more cheering*.

I.A- *Laughs well*

B.S- It’s a wrap*dancing*:)


Contact Info:

follow him on Twitter @ikeamadi
Befriend him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ike.amadi

Blog: http://ike-amadi.com/

There you have it. Started, continued and warped all with the movement of the fingers. 😀 Who ever said the internet was bad…the world has gotten smaller. 

What to Glean:

There is the need to step all out and do whatever it is you plan to do…indeed in the words of Thomas Carlyle  “the end of a man is an action, not a thought.”

Stay tuned for the next episode in the series.

6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!!

  1. @ikeamadi says:


    Thank you once again, Miss Blessing, and who says the internet had not moved forward?

    Forward movements like these are actually made possible by forward thinkers like you, Blessing.

    Keep the energy alive.

    Staying a fan of your show.

    Liked by 1 person

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