In this context on this ground, we have what we call a “departure assembly”:)…I must note at this point that this is the shortest one I have experienced yet*still surprised*…one hour flat*oh wow*.

I love departures…lemme rephrase that*haha*…I love going on much needed vacations. It is that point in my life when I unwind, reload and prepare for the next big stuffs. It is definitely that point when I eat variety of home made meals, go to the movies, hang out in places*feel the good life*, be with people I love*the ones I haven’t seen in a while*…and d list is endless.

Oh well…all these and more are very exciting when the break is like a month ish and all. But you see…iono how these eight days are going down in a way that exhausts the list. For starters, where I am spending the break is still uncertain atm*laughing*.

The good thing remains: whether the break is short or is a much needed one…and glory be to God for a perfect ending and a splendid break ahead. Do not worry I sure will have a memorable break and all…stay posted.

Wishing my friends and CU students in general a splendid 8 days ahead:)

4 thoughts on “DEPARTURE

  1. Airstar says:

    Aren’t y’all lucky? The departure services I remember are the ones where some people were given one way tickets out of d vicinity, never to return.
    Always sent chills down my spine*shivers*
    Have a splendid break btw.


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