“May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten.”

-Irish Blessings quote

It is said that an approximate range of between 12,357 and 60,000 thoughts run through the human mind daily (and more, especially when you think excessively :D). Through my odyssey in life, I have come to realize just like the preacher that there is no end to activities, expectations and thoughts, but there is indeed an end to worry. First of all, let me shock you, thinking is not synonymous with worry nor are they inseparable friends (seriously). This you must assimilate before you continue reading.

What if I do not get that clean break? , what if I do not receive the good news next month? , what if that debt is not paid off? , what if… (so many “ifs” like pages). How about “what if not”…just because you have the capacity for many thoughts does not mean you should exhaust them on wrong and negative thinking. Analysis to the point of paralysis is deadlier than most physical ailments. But really since it is a disease, the good news is there is a cure (dancing).

Now, you have heard of it, it is the greatest attitude to life, it gives you joy unspeakable in spite of any situation, it remains a command, it forever perfects and steadfastly makes whole. Without any further accolades, let me introduce the antidote of “THANKSGIVING”. Let me bring it home to you like this: I know you might not be where you are supposed to be, but I also know you are not where you used to be, you see, even though you have lost some things, God is the reason you have not lost everything. In case there exists the tendency to worry about seemingly inconsequential things and be ungrately for the seemingly small miracles, all you need is an attitude of thanksgiving. To be more specific it goes like this: you won’t be worried about those clean breaks if God did not wake you up every morning, good news will not be on you mind if your digestion process doesn’t go well and you need an operation (God forbid). There is no normal thing, there are only great things brought about by supernatural Hand of God.

It is these small things that we tend to forget that remain the only things we need to think about with a heart of gratitude. And then, when you expect great things (which you must do), you do so with consistent thanksgiving, instead of being worried and anxious. You know the Lord has been kind to you, He has been faithful, He has been gracious, He will never leave you, in fact, the good work He started in your life He will perfect. Therefore, learn thanksgiving, you don’t have to feel it; you just have to say it, sing it, dance it, think it and continue it.

Now this is the testimony, I was healed today of this disease and I prophesy upon the life of everyone reading this that the traces of any symptoms of worry, anxiety, over-analysis that seem to have paralyzed your thoughts and prevented you from living life to the full, are removed and erased in Jesus name. Amen. You need to be grateful, so that when those clean breaks come, when you get that good news, when that debt is paid, you will know it was God’s hand and you will be well prepared for the next miracles and expectations.

Happy Sunday to ya’ll 🙂

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