I am certainly not blocked (writing wise):D It was just a funny resolution made to get the beauty of the blog together before posting another write-up that generated the brief MIAness…and those that know me might say examinations (I might give that to you:)). Over 3 days of theme searching, design extraction and settings manipulation, the spree still continues.                            

You know what, I get it now, the spree might not end anytime soon. The theme will always change, there would always be an extra widget added to the blog, the search for the perfect header might still go on, and more. Thinking about all of these, it should not be a reason to post one less write-up (really)…that remains the beauty of blogging. Image

P.S- Realized the need for a header image for the blog and this was too small :(. That notwithstanding, I speak into the atmosphere that coming soon is a proper Facebook page for the blog, and many more splendid surprises.

I must not fail to mention that various blogs inspired me 🙂 , this indeed is the power of networking (I guess, yea). Now after much has been said and done (trust me, much has been done), I must say that perfection is a continuous process of advancement and can only be realized when it is enjoyed. Indeed, I enjoyed every moment that I had to stay up at night and fully personalize and act the maxim which implies that one’s passion (vision, all the above) is not that thing they dream about, but the one thing that keeps them from sleeping (dreaming, same thing in this context).


It is not about perfection, it is all about the flexibility to enjoy the process as you go along.  

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