On your own…

“A dose of inspiration and some advice has left me thinking…”

-Blessing Okoro.


It is bubble bursting time:), this is really not an inspirational blog (too many of those), let us leave emotional counseling for the professionals (lool…we are getting there). In the market place of life, it is observed that advice is least heeded when most needed. They could range from more general ones like: “Chickito, please do not make this hairstyle again”, I wonder why you need to swallow panadol on the issue (the exception is when you opinion was requested and can be embraced no matter what), to more specific ones like: “I don’t think you should go out with him?” (Can I sharply test the validity of your assumption?).

I could go on and on, although that first paragraph was not experiential in its making (maybe partly) :D. It apparently is a situational build-up, in that light, a word of advice is assumed to be synonymous with a breath of inspiration (depends on how well you breathe it in). If I turn the tables on the above advisory statements, it could take these forms. A friend might be going on about not loving her new hairdo, and I go: “There is nothing wrong with your hair, once you get to understand and feel its beauty, every other person around will think the same way.” (yea, yea, feel free to quote me…lool). Trust me the relationship inspirational moves are more exhausting and tactical, you go on about you not knowing if he is the one and if you should wait ten months to find out, I am like…ahhhh…”Bless you se, pray about it, highest take a chance on him if you have that peace and then time will tell, the good thing is you either learn a lesson or find a great person for your life.”

Now for five minutes, forget every personal inspirational statement I have dished out, back to the rule of the first paragraph (I am trying here*whew*). Do not put yourself and every other person through all the process, it is said that no one gives a better advice than the person you see in the mirror everyday (make sure you are standing alone o!). I know that whatever you want to do, you may go all the way through with it (power of individuality)…especially when you are lover of experience. It is funny how the situation keeps calling your name. For example, my battery is dying, no matter how much you advice me to continue this write-up, I will still go all the way to hibernate my system (hahaha…just saying). Shikena.

 Inspire yourself as you go along (this is not an advice *lips sealed*) 😀


There is a huge difference between an advice and an instruction (joor o!)…lool.

I must say this nah (laughing)-Do let the Lord lead you though (He gives the best inspiration and advice you can ask for) 😀 One with God is the majority!



6 thoughts on “On your own…

  1. Fredrick says:

    Nice one….God indeed is the only one that gives the best Advice and instruction. Just thesame way New house hold Equipments come with Manuals(which is intended to help the User Enjoy the equipment to its fullest, We were made in his image and Likeness and came with the Bible as our Manual :). Nice write Up bee.


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