I blog because I have the air of inspiration (winks), it serves as my most dominant way of breathing at the moment 🙂 .  I sat down to describe the acronym of LIFE as “Living In Frequent Expectations.”

What I have learnt in life is that it is a beautiful journey. It always deals you both sides of the coin at certain points in time: tears or laughter, joy or pain, disappointments or appointments. Wait for it, this is where the beauty lies!, it is ironic you might think, but really, cliché or no cliché, you can only appreciate up when you have been down, you can only love when you detest hate and most especially, you can truly laugh when you are tired of the pain.

If you have it easy all the time, you are not living the life (true that!). I will break it to you like this, you can never be too rich, never be too accomplished, never be too blessed. You must wake up each day expecting something that did not work out yesterday to turn out better today, you expect testimonies because you are going through tests, you anticipate clean breaks because you are tired of the drama. All of these and more are what make up the definition of the “good life”.

I know your plans, aspirations, wishes, dreams; anticipations will turn out good and delivered in the end.  In the process of becoming and expecting, never forget to laugh exhaustively (still remains the most potent medication), get excited for those that have good things happen to them per time, celebrate your clean breaks and accomplishments excitedly when that come and never stop expecting great things to happen to you.  

P.S- You deserve to find your dreams, touch the skies and achieve the extraordinary, the least you can do is live expectant. Have a blessed week:)

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