Had the most eventful morning of my life. Went through some rigorous disposition related exercise…thinking about it now, I would say it was more of a mind fight (it was strong!).

I was awake pretty early (not an excuse though), battled my way to class and happened to get there 15 minutes into the lecture, that is where the battlefield was created. Anger from nowhere erupted due to the fact that I was sweating profusely from all the hustle to get an impromptu question, write the short test and submit (that was the craziest part), I was jumping seats like I was running from bullets (whew). Do not forget that I had dissipated like half of my energy by walking so hard to the venue (smh). I know I went late (my bad); it is felt good to pack my hair for over 10 minutes (rotf).

Straight face was my middle name throughout the lecture (hmm), I could not vent at anyone but I was giving straight answers to those who were caring enough to ask me questions, make shifted comments, or just misyarn in any way (laughing) P.S- Sorry to those that felt blasted. It is really funny how in less than 30 minutes (during the next lecture definitely), I was laughing non-stop like I inhaled laughing gas (confused). You might be thinking, “oh she laughs a lot alright”, or “the lecturer was more interesting”, but trust me, those around me felt it was madness at the moment. The mood shift was swift (wow).

Mood swing-that is the term, one crazy characteristic of a melancholic temperament (I love my temperament, lool). But really let us talk about this temperament ish, There are essentially four of them as we know (I think we do): choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. Most people love the sanguine temperament (most are famzers of that temperament though:) smh), some do not even like their temperaments (real sad, hmm). The experience of the last statement only happens when we see just the weaknesses of our temperaments and not the strengths; there is really no temperament that is superior to the other. You can only appreciate and accept yourself and those around you when you get a grip of the strengths in your temperament and of those around you, and start working on whatever seeming weakness you might experience.

Thanks for caring (smiling); I feel much better now, laughing remains my most dominant way of working on the so-called “tendency to feel depressed/angry” weakness of my melancholic temperament. Do find yours 🙂


Do not worry; you are at least dominant of one and recessive of the other. Life is good! 🙂


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