“I would rather view stress as a way of stretching.”

-Blessing Okoro

Finally, it is Friday. Really cannot remember the last time I said TGIF and meant it (thinking hard)…yea I got it! , it was last year August there about when I had this awesome internship (whew). Had days that started by 5am (wake up time) and ended by like 8pm (return time) everyday, so Fridays were like long awaited gifts (they ushered in the long awaited weekends). They were special because I had crying eyes from staring at the computer all week, and waking up before the alarm clock goes off (smh).

Those dog days are over (miss them though), and moving on in this New Year, I never realized I could replicate those crazy routine filled days in school. I am still dazed by how this fortnight turned out, never really had a day to catch my breath. Even the weekends go into lectures and study (am I the first), having the days stretch from 6am to 9pm daily (lovely days), and it is funny when I realize I have been wearing corporate all day (usually blazers) and carrying heavy bags (laughing).

I was just asked if I had done a lecturer’s assignment (I felt those days were over), but apparently they love me too much (smiling forcefully). Looking at the bright side of the routine-filled week days: my group (team “Mente”) came third place in a public speaking competition (the rehearsals were intense and so was the competition), I went for awesome prayer meetings, got to blog regularly (thank God for the internet), kept in touch with friends and family (I apologize to all those I could not call), and I appreciate every other recurring activity that I cannot take for granted (because they stretched me).

According to the quote on capacity-building, when persons stretch to certain levels, they never return to their original dimensions. In those words, I am encouraged by the knowledge that I can go all day (no matter the craziness), be productive and build capacity at the same time (pretty cool).

Moral of Write-up

Having a routine is really a part of life most of the time. It comes with waking up in the morning and having a plan for the day based on things that need to be done. In the end, you need those routine filled days to define yourself, build capacity and accomplish great strides. Please ensure that you take time out, to appreciate those days in your life by taking a break every now and then.

Start by enjoying the great weekend ahead. Have a lovely time.

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