I was roused by this latest syndrome of crazy spoken English. It is pretty cool when they are used as slangs in normal conversations and also very provoking when used strongly. Help me out here; I may not remember most of them (still pretty dizzy).

It is disturbing and laughable at times to know that when someone is venting, it is tagged the new way of crying. Wait for this, in that same context, when I get angry, it means I am burnt (smh…with what now!). I am guilty of using some of these non-related words interchangeably; I totally agree that they create exciting conversations.

It is pardonable when we use single words, but what is with the full sentence craziness. Strong questions like: are you a learner? (Huh!), statements like: park well (lwkmd), requests like: let me base from your food (seriously?), and the list is endless.

Oh well, what can we say and do but flow with the trends. Do read the warnings though and go on enjoying the new spoken English. Add to the list (have fun).


Do not get infected by the syndrome while engaging in proper interview sessions, interacting with elderly ones (no nonsense parents and all), having arguments when you are at the receiving end (do develop muscles first).








  1. Airstar says:

    Loooool, y are u swallowing panadol on d issue? Are u a learner? Calm dwn 4 Jesus. Rotflmao. I can do dis all day fa. Crazy English.


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