“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins-not through strength but by perseverance.”

– Unknown.

I beg to clear all doubts, I certainly do not maintain my blog in a non-frequent manner, neither do I practice a strategy of long-interval updating. There existed various laughable hurdles such as inconsistent internet connection, booting internet connection, and did I mention that it was the internet? (oops, I did).

As a privileged public-speaking student, I was able to experience an intense decision making process today (it was strong). The salient point to note from that process was that in spite of the existent spree of disagreements and scanty agreements, a consensus was made by persuasion and appeal to moral reasoning. By the illumination of the light shed from the quote by Machiavelli: “The object of oratory is not truth but persuasion”; I hereby add my transcribed voice to the subject matter of perseverance.

The word connotes the process of continuance, consistency, resilience, and simply trying again. The write-up on perseverance is modeled by situational variables which include time inadequacy, despondency, complacency, indecisiveness, among other subjective constraints.

To continuously wake up for 8 am classes, for over three years and counting in spite of the temptation of crawling under the covers because of the eye bags from previous overnight, is perseverance. One more responsibility after three consecutive years of serving, despite the need for maximum concentration is perseverance. Extra assignments and lecture notes, in addition to the plethora of assignments and lecture notes (that do not read themselves), is another definition of perseverance. I know you have other descriptions (please, feel free to use them).

To enforce perseverance, which is a pertinent requirement for great undertakings no matter how little, there exists the need for determination and fore-sight. Consider the end in mind in form of great grades, certificate acquisition, goal actualization, laudable recognition, among other accomplishments.

Taking my advice, I must consistently blog and share my thoughts, in spite of the internet constraint. In the end, the constraint might be path of the process, but it must be viewed as an inconsequential element to the goal I must achieve. I will consistently search for connection and when I upload this write-up, you will realize that every constraint gives way to the force of perseverance.


Moral of the Write-up

There exists a sowing period in every person’s life, to the extent that until the reaping period unfolds, it is positively assumed that the magnitude to which every individual is busy will be the least magnitude of engagements as their lives unfold.

Hence, I admonish you; take a dose of inspiration as you go on at every point in time, to develop immunity to every iota of placidity and eventual failure. Only in perseverance do you actually rest from every form of discomfort and failure.

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