About me

There comes a point in your life when you read your own script, what a tragedy it would be if it was never written.

-Blessing Okoro

I was asked to write about myself, and it is exciting to note that I thought for a while. Someone told me some years back that if you wanted to write, I should just write. Taking that advice today, this is what I am about.

I am Blessing Okoro (took me a while to adjust to the first name format, previously I was Okoro Blessing). I believe in dreams and their actualization, I learnt that goal setting, planning, strategizing, but to mention a few are needed for accomplishments. From various experiences I have concluded that capacity building is pertinent for smooth-running in the race of life.

Nigeria is my country, hence in spite of some challenges that befall the nation; I believe in her. I am a privileged student of Economics, although I never let my schooling interfere with my education. Interesting study areas of Business Law, Customer Relationship Management, Developmental Economics, among others intrigue me.

I am easily connected to the frequency of optimism in spite of my melancholic temperament (I can laugh for Africa). I am humbled by my privileged accomplishments over my close to two decades of living. I collect quotes, inspirational write-ups, and books. I love reading (keeps me on the edge), writing (especially when inspired), hanging-out (when I am having fun), among other personal likes (smiling). I write poems, conduct interviews and live everyday with an advancement ideology.

I have dreams (oh Lord), and I just saw one of them come through. The idea for this blog has come a long way (story for another day). The inspiration peek just got to the action level today (dancing), and I got on the internet and that was the first thing I did. There you have it; a lot has been transcribed about me.

I must confess it wasn’t entirely my fault that I booted for a while; the writing space was pretty much of a cubicle (lool). In the end, I am a masterpiece of God (totally me).


Moral of Write-up

It is highly important for everyone at every stage of their lives to be able to define themselves. This definition of self must be believed by each one and reflected to the world, void of every form of inadequacies and non-uniqueness.

In spite of the need to fit-in in this populated world, you must not lose your stance to circumstances, opinions, norms and dogmas. Instead, rise above challenges, barricades and weaknesses and say to yourself: “I will make it to the point that one day my life would be a legacy for others to follow, no matter how few they may be.”


9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dainty M says:

    So inspiring! Self definition, that stuck! It’s so good to say ‘hey, I know her!’ #BlessingShares. It’s good to see where you started from and how far you’ve come. Yet, I am certain that the best is still yet to come. Keep writing! keep inspiring!

    Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:

      Awwwww…Thank you so much dear. I’m elated!!! 👏🙌💕💯😃
      I can imagine…first post on the Blog, it was heavy 😂😝🌝
      Thank God for the journey so far…especially for grace.
      Thank you for dropping a comment on this first post *nostalgic feelings*
      Good to know you. 🙋👈💕


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